Interesting Links

Some interesting links about news, services and platforms about Cloud systems, embedded platforms and IoT applications:

1) Use WebSockets and Pusher to broadcast messages between your devices (without the need to implement servers, sockets or web services)

2) Instruct the Internet to make tasks for your based on conditions you set. More info here.

3) You need to process the data captured by your Arduino but you cannot afford to leave your computer connected to it? This is a promising (very) low cost solution with networking capabilities!

4) You have a nice concept in mind but you do not have the components needed. what can you do until your get your hardware in hands? You can use the VirtualBreadboard to simulate your code!

5) Yaler is an interesting tool (many thanks to Thomas Amberg for pointing that out) that enables secure Web access to your Arduino when being behind a firewall/NAT (i.e. when deploying your project at home and using a DSL Internet connection) or when using a GPRS shield as a mobile network gateway. It allows you to talk to your Arduino remotely without the need to configure port forwarding or modifying additional router settings.

6) Check Breakout which is a great tool that makes easier the communication of your Arduino board with the Internet (and thus Cloud platforms) using your computer as an intermediate node.