Internet of Things – List of Platforms

There are several definitions for the Internet of Things (IoT) that also explain what are the main functionalities of it and what we should expect from when connecting ‘Things’ with each other and with the Internet. Some people suggest, that the “Internet of Things can be seen as a potentially integrated part of Future Internet. A part of a dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities based on open and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual ‘Things’ interact with each other”. These ‘Things’ have specific identities, physical attributes, virtual ‘personalities’ and use intelligent interfaces. They are able to interact and communicate among themselves and with the environment by exchanging data and information ‘sensed’ about the environment, while reacting autonomously to the ‘real/physical world’ events and influencing it by running processes that trigger actions and create services with or without our direct intervention.

To hobbyists, electronic enthusiasts or sensor researchers, people like me and probably like you, the IoT is new opportunity and at the same time a new challenge for managing the data we acquire from our embedded electronics projects and controlling their outputs.

You will find here a constantly updated list with IoT platforms specified to manage your sensor data:

  1. Pachube
  2. Nimbits Data Logging on the Cloud
  3. ThingSpeak Internet of Things
  4. The iDi Device Cloud
  5. The SensorCloud by MicroStrain
  6. The Sen.Se Internet of Everything
  7. The Exosite One Platform and Portals for Cloud-based data and device management
  8. EVRYTHNG software engine and platform
  9. Paraimpu – The social tools for Things
  10. Manybots – Collect and manage information from apps and devices