List of Projects

Here is the list of major projects presented in the Book:

Run your Arduino out of the board: This project will teach you how to program the ATMega microcontroller using an Arduino board and then run your sketch on a standalone chip.


Communicate with a digital pressure sensor: This project demonstrates how to utilize the I2C protocol and communicate with a digital pressure sensor.


Read data from another Arduino board: Two (or more) Arduino boards can easily communicate. In case your project requires more analog ports than available, you can easily extend them through another board!


Send Air Quality data to your phone:This project will teach you how to use your Android phone to collect air quality data with the help of an Arduino board. Communication is performed over Bluetooth!


Tweet Sensor readings through your phone: Connect your Android phone to your Arduino through USB and let your friends know about your room’s temperature!


Control a relay switch by texting your phone: This project demonstrates communication from an Android phone towards the Arduino board. Send a SMS to the phone to control the board’s digital ports! Communication over USB and ADB!


Send Arduino Data to your own Cloud Application: Learn how to use the Google App Engine for developing your own Cloud-based web application that visualizes sensor data from your Arduino board!


Use Arduino to upload feed data from environmental sensors: This projects demonstrates all the steps needed to setup a feed and visualize your room’s temperature, humidity and light levels on Pachube Cloud service! Ethernet, WiFi and communication through Android covered!


Control a relay switch using a Pachube trigger and your Arduino: Pachube Triggers are really useful. Use them to control your Arduino’s digital ports based on sensor readings!


Log your Weather Data on the Nimbits Cloud: Use the great Nimbits Cloud Server to log and process local humidity and air pressure data on the Cloud! Weather forecast through the Nimbits advanced features included!


Reprogram your Arduino board over the Internet: This project will teach you how you can use a board and a ATMega microcontroller to reprogram the latter remotely over any kind of Internet connection using your own Cloud-based web application!

Final chapter includes ideas and descriptions for projects like:

  • Reading barcodes through your Arduino and use them to make a Cloud-based shopping list
  • Logging button events on the Cloud
  • Logging environmental and location data on the Cloud
  • Monitoring your own heartbeat data using a Polar HearBeat or a PulseSensor
  • Controlling a servo motor from the Cloud
  • Visualizing Cloud data on the Arduino
  • Monitoring your home’s power consumption on the Cloud
  • Creating your own custom Arduino shield for your sensors

The Book includes many more code samples on how to connect your Arduino to the Internet through Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, or your Computer, encrypt your data, use thread libraries and more!
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