Chapter 8

Introducing Cosm As A Cloud Service

    1. Introduction to basic Cosm concepts

1.1.  Pull or Push Data

1.2.  Triggers

1.3.  Data formats and Structures

1.4.  Private and Public Data Access

1.5.  Create and manage feeds

1.6.  Manual vs Automatic Feeds

    1. Project 1 – Use Arduino to upload feed data from environmental sensors

2.1.  The circuit setup

2.2.  Set up Cosm to receive your data

2.3.  Connect to the Web Service and send data

2.4.  Using the Arduino Ethernet or the Ethernet Shield

2.5.  Using a WiFi shield or a WiFi-enabled Arduino

2.6.  Using your Android phone and Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

2.6.1.     Sending sensor data to Android – Arduino Code

2.6.2.     Sending sensor data to Android  – Android code overview

2.7.  Using your Android phone and Bluetooth Connection

    1. Project 2 – Control a relay switch using a Cosm trigger and your Arduino

3.1.  The circuit setup

3.2.  Create the Web Server on the Arduino Using Arduino Ethernet or the Ethernet Shield

3.3.  Create a Cosm Trigger

  1. Use the Cosm APIs to visualize your data
  2. The Android Cosm Viewer
  3. Summary