What you will need!

Here is a list with hardware you will need for building the projects as described in the book.

Common H/W for all projects – Must have list:

  • (At least) One Arduino Board (like the Arduino UNO) or an Arduino-clone like the Seeeduino
  • A Breadboard and some jumper wires
  • 1K, 10K Ohm and 220Ohm Resistors (1/4 W if they ask you for power at your local h/w store)
  • Some LEDs
  • A (mini) USB cable  for connecting your Arduino with your computer
  • Your computer (Mac or PC)
While your Arduino can be powered through your computer’s USB port, it is more convenient to have a separate power source:

Project specific hardware:

  • An ATMega Microcontroller (either ATMega128 or ATMega328) with Arduino Bootloader installed
  • A pair of 22 pF ceramic capacitors and one 16 MHz crystal oscillator
  • One LED (any color of your choice)
  • One  TMP36 temperature sensor
  • 1K, 10K Ohm and 220Ohm Resistors (1/4 W if they ask you for power at your local h/w store)
  • One Reed switch or a button
  • A BMP085 senso Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • A Photoresistor (LDR)
  • Some projects (like the 2-board communication and the Arduino reprogramming) require a second Arduino board
  • A Bluetooth serial modem
  • An Air quality – Gas sensor like the MQ-7 CO sensor
  • An Android phone
  • One  Seeeduino ADK Main Board
  • One relay switch
  • One 2N3904 NPN transistor
  • One 1N4001 diode
  • An Arduino Ethernet Shield (WizNet module) or an Ethernet-enabled Arduino
  • One WiFi Bee from Seeedstudio or the WiFly Shield by Sparkfun
  • One  DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor

Additional H/W for Chapter 11 (Project Ideas):

  • A Barcode scanner
  • A Keypad
  • Force Resistive (Pressure) Resistors
  • A GPS Arduino Shield
  • One  Polar Heart Rate Module
  • One PulseSensor
  • A Servo Motor
  • A  16×2 Arduino-compatible LCD
  • 1x 9V AC-AC Power Adapter in order to measure the voltage
  • 1x 100kOhm resistor
  • 5x 10kOhm resistors
  • 1x 10uF capacitor
  • 1x CT sensor
  • 1x 46Ohm resistor